Behind the lens

So, a little about me. Well I live in Fleetwood, not far from the seaside town of Blackpool in Lancashire. I’ve lived here all my life and love it! I actually wanted to live in the City when I was younger and become an actor – turns out it’s quite hard to do. Needless to say, I stayed by the beach and found my passion in photography.

I live with my wife, Jillian and daughter Elle, who just so happens to be my favourite person in the world. We have also recently welcomed into the world our son, Jesse, who makes our family complete. We love trips out, rainy days in and pretty much anything family orientated!

I love photography. I honestly love it. There’s just something about capturing moments as they happen, that will never happen again in the exact same way. I also happen to love people! Which is convenient for my line of work as I happen to photograph them. Meeting new people is one of the many perks of the job, and I get to meet a ton of new people from the same family! It’s amazing. I get to be a part of their world for a short while and be involved in the most important day of their lives. My aim while I’m there; give you the memories so you can show your grandchildren just how much fun you had.

My overall goal is to show the beauty, grace and enthusiasm of people when they’re taking part in the most important day of their lives. I would love to tell your story! Let’s have coffee and get to know each other. You can get in touch by clicking here. Alternatively, you can reach me through my Facebook page, Mike Willacy Photography.