Now less than 3 months to go. Argh!

I have no idea where the time has gone. Literally no idea. But then again the whole process has seemed super quick; from the initial wild idea of getting married in Vegas to actually booking the flights, It’s all been a bit of a whirlwind – and now it’s nearly here!

So far so good, Jillian and I are relaxed, we have a list of to-do’s and we’re getting through it… Slowly. But getting through it none-the-less. We now have luggage, which I hear is important when going abroad. We also have our Visa sorted, flights and hotel (also very important) as well as the dress and suit raring to go. We’re foolishly hoping the Pound will improve on the Dollar before making the exchange, we’ll probably be waiting forever. Cheers, Donald.

Our Venue is also locked in, this was actually the first thing we booked to ensure the date we wanted was available, the flights came later.

We’re also looking forward to meeting the king…


Jokes. Even though I’m positive he’ll be bringing other Vegas couples together in holy matrimony, he won’t be doing that for us.

We took a while in choosing our venue; the choice is huge! We narrowed the search and in the process we came across The Bellagio and it’s wondrous fountains! If there’s one thing I’m a sucker for it’s a fountain, so If that fountain lights up and then shoots above my head, that’s me pretty much sold. However, and it’s a big however, the price is astronomical! I love Jillian and I love fountains (not in equal measure, fountains just pip it) but bringing the two together on this occasion proved to be a little bit of a stretch. We could find a million things we’d rather put those extra 1000’s of pounds towards, so the search continued. Eventually, after much thought and consideration, we found The Little Chapel of Flowers. We loved it. We booked it.

One thing we haven’t decided on yet is where to eat after the ceremony. This is probably down to lack of research, but again – the choice is huge. If anyone’s been to Las Vegas before and can recommend a place to eat, regardless of what they serve, please let me know!

As the Wedding approaches, the more excited we’re getting. It’ll be a small wedding with close family and a couple of friends, but that’s what we wanted. My Dad who lives in Australia is also making the crazy long trip with his wife Barbara, so I can’t wait to see them when we get there. All in all, Wedding aside, I’m looking forward to the experience and sharing it with our close family and friends.

I’ll be taking my camera for sure and updating the blog with pictures when we return to the UK. I’m sure there will be lots to show and even more to talk about. I can’t wait! I’ll also be able to share my take on the Britney Spears concert that Jillian is adamant on seeing. Super excited for that…

That aside, the one real thing I’m not looking forward to? My young daughter on the flight. Wow will that be a long flight for the other poor passengers. At least it’s only 10 and a half hours…

Sorry people.

All the best,


P.S. Click here for a link to my previous post where you can win your Wedding Photography! Good luck.